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What would it mean to you to have a highly engaged, targeted list of people who are more likely to want to buy from you?

Would it allow you more time to concentrate on other areas of your business?

Less worry about how you can get your new products in front of an audience that WANTS to hear about it?

The knowledge that when you put an offer out there, you'll make sales almost instantly?

Having all of this is possible!

This kind of email list WILL help you grow your business.

And an email list filled with customers and prospects who are more likely to buy from you starts with a great opt in process; it’s the foundation for your entire relationship with your subscribers.

Grow a QUALITY Email List In Record Time!

  • Get more sign ups and DOUBLE your email list quickly
  • Spend the minimum amount possible for maximum sign ups
  • Build a highly engaged targeted list of people who are more likely to buy from you

Want to learn more?!

You NEED to join me inside my brand new 7 days to create an irresistible opt in challenge!

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Kate Barrett, of Shine a Light Media, is a wellspring of information when it comes to email marketing.

Not only does she know what she’s doing, she has an organized and systematic approach to helping clients build and grow their businesses, and her enthusiasm for what she does is undeniable.

Her personable and bright nature turns what can sometimes feel like a complicated and arduous task into an exciting adventure.

Johnnie Mazzocco

How The Challenge Works

  • Over the next 7 days of the challenge, you will receive 5 emails from me.
  • Each email contains a new part of the challenge to help you create an irresistible opt in (which will then be unlocked within this members area for you to enjoy!)
  • Start with the Challenge Part 1 video (available immediately!)
  • Complete all 5 parts AND implement your new knowledge into YOUR business to complete the challenge!

What Will I Learn?

Each part of the challenge is packed full of tips and information you can implement into your business IMMEDIATELY to create an irresistible opt in.

There is a video to guide you through the key points of each part and accompanying downloads for you to complete, helping you implement all you have learnt.

There are even TWO BONUS INTERVIEWS with other experts to give you even more tips to increase your opt ins!

Who Is The Challenge Right For?

This challenge has been specifically designed for...

  • Retail entrepreneurs who want to learn how to optimise their email opt in to grow an engaged email list that WANT to hear about your latest products and offers
  • Marketers working for online retailers who want to improve their knowledge about generating sign ups and impress the boss by massively increasing conversions to opt in
  • Both eCommerce and bricks and mortar retailers

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