Email marketing can help make your business dreams a reality if you know how to use it the right way

You Dream Of Growing Your Business...

You want a highly successful, six-figure business, with multiple income streams that make you money in your sleep.

You want a dedicated following of prospects who read everything you publish, show up for every webinar, and become customers who are literally counting down the days until your next product release.

Youve already made the big leap.

You quit the daily grind and the security of a regular monthly paycheck, and invested everything in your own business idea. You devoured business books, marketing blogs, and newsletters by all the business greats. Soon you landed your very first clients and started building a name for yourself.

You thought marketing your business would be easy, or at least straightforward.

You’d send regular email newsletters full of relevant content to your reader, ask insightful questions, and receive a ton of comments and sales leads in return.

But in reality, new subscribers are few and far between, your open rates are soul-destroyingly low, and it shakes your confidence whenever someone unsubscribes from your list.

Whether you’ve been in business a while or are just getting started, your results just aren’t where you want them to be, even though you’re earning a decent enough income.

You didnt go into business just to get by financially.

But the reality is your savings are dwindling, your parents and other half have started casually (and oh so frequently) dropping the idea of you looking for a real job into conversation, and youre starting to wonder whether your six-figure dream is really worth it.

And thats where I come in.

As an Email Marketing Consultant with over ten years’ specialist experience, I know that email marketing underpins the entire relationship you have with your customers, and it can absolutely make your dream a reality – if you know how to use it right.

I created The Email Marketing Academy to help up-and-coming entrepreneurs be successful by engaging their target audiences, creating irresistible content, and gaining leverage in their businesses so they never have to give up on their Big Idea, or go back to a J-O-B.

And the Beginners Guide to Email Marketing is the very first step to get you on the right path.

When you enroll for The Beginners Guide to Email Marketing, I’ll be sharing with you tried and tested techniques that I have personally used and perfected over the last ten years, both in my own and others’ businesses, to generate millions of pounds in revenue.

Packaged in a laser-focused 9-module self-study curriculum delivered via video tutorials and backed up with worksheets, templates, checklists and real life examples, by the end of the programme you’ll have your email marketing working harder for you, so you can elevate your marketing and create valuable relationships with your audience as well as a solid income.

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